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We have a large and varied portfolio of titles delivering high-quality content on multiple platforms. Click on a link below to find out more.

Print titles:

Berlingske Media publishes 61 titles, 10 dailies, a national weekly, and 49 regional free-sheets. The group also publishes one national travel magazine. Berlingske is the largest publication with an average daily circulation figure of over 100,811 and an average daily readership of 256,000.

Other titles include:


Jydske Vestkysten


Midtjyske Medier 


Digital titles:

Berlingske Media owns 43 websites, 44 hyper-local websites and six mobile sites, which attract more than 2 million online users (net) every month.


Other activities:

Mecom offers an increasingly wide range of brand endorsed goods and services to its readers ("Enterprises").

It markets them across all of its major brands, both in print and online.

The current range of goods and services includes holidays, home wares, event ticketing, books, CDs and DVDs.



Our Businesses


The Netherlands

Wegener publishes seven paid-for daily newspapers in the east and south of the Netherlands, each with an average of eight local editions. The Group has total daily readers in the Netherlands of approximately 2 million and publishes content in print and in online, mobile and e-paper form. Daily circulation ranges from c.45,000 to c.120,000 and Mecom's titles on average have a 61 per cent share of the daily newspaper market in the regions in which it operates.

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Berlingske Media


Berlingske Media publishes two national titles, (Berlingske and BT, with weekday circulation of over 80,000 and over 50,000 respectively) and one weekly title (Weekendavisen, with circulation of over 45,000). It publishes seven daily regional titles (each with circulation of less than 20,000) and 17 free weekly titles in the mid-Jutland region (run as media houses with regional paid titles) with total distribution in excess of 500,000 each week.

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