De Persgroep and BrandDeli broaden and intensify partnership

BrandDeli and De Persgroep Nederland have collaborated in the area of online video since the end of 2016.

BrandDeli is the sales partner of the MyChannels video platform.

BrandDeli is the sales partner of the MyChannels video platform. Both parties are proud to announce that they've started an even more ambitious partnership. They're going to further combine the exploitation of video content by linking display advertising. They want to collaborate on the development of multimedia concepts for advertisers.

Through this partnership, both parties want to take big steps in crucial fields: the ability to offer a video platform with a substantial (growing) volume, in which different target groups are well represented and advertisers are assured of an environment with high-quality and relevant content.

In the partnership:

  • BrandDeli will be responsible for the sales activities of this combined, in-stream video platform. They have built a strong reputation in the market of audiovisual support for advertisers and media agencies over the last few years. First in the area of broadcast TV, the last few years in the area of online video too.
  • De Persgroep will take care of online sales of display advertising for BrandDeli. This combination offers advertisers the ability to increase their digital impact.
  • Both parties will collaborate more intensively in the area of multimedia concepts for brands. The talents of De Persgroep’s MediaLab and BrandDeli’s Brand Partnership Team will be combined more often.

Allard Ruyl, CEO BrandDeli: “Collaboration is in our DNA. Our channels have already explored collaboration with De Persgroep in the area of content. Eurosport, 24Kitchen and TLC have been working with for quite some time. Thanks to this smart connection with De Persgroep, we are taking another step towards making fragmented Dutch offerings in high-quality video content more accessible and usable. We have experienced how much advertisers appreciate working with one reliable agent. Both parties approach things from the advertiser's results.”

Erik Roddenhof, CEO De Persgroep Nederland: “We have been saying for some time that Dutch media parties have to work together. In the current landscape, it's the only way to have a bigger impact. After our initial acquaintance period, we both noticed that we wanted to go one step further. The market will now profit from a combination of BrandDeli’s strong video DNA and the huge reach and authority of our news brands.”